With his father leaving Jamaica to provide a better life in America. Hugh was born in South Florida. Growing up him and his childhood friend would make christian based rhythms until his friend ended up passing away which made Hugh see life from a different perspective. From his father's deejay business to influences such as The Wailers, Lee Perry and many more. It wasn't until visiting the Peter Tosh estate and spending some time with family. Hugh decided to use the best of his natural abilities. Self teaching to himself to play various instruments (piano, guitar, bass, drums and etc.) he attempted to link with various friends and associates to create a band. With no money in the budget plus visions of candidates not aligning. Hugh to took 2 years to learn, read books and produce records of his own. 

    From losing instruments to losing rights, set backs have not detoured Hugh from bearing his fruit. Facing the daily racial discrimination and profiling for herb in South Florida caused Hugh to dive deep into the mystics of life. Where he became in tune with the mystics of Rastafari. Influences such as Marcus Garvey, Booker T. Washington, and Dr. Ben Yosef Jochannan exposed Hugh to the depths of creation and the beginning steps to ascension . His mission with his music is to enlighten the power of  humanity to past. present and future.


      The name Akhenaten Sound was inspired by Ancient Kemet aka Ancient Egypt today. Pharoah Akhenaten was the father of King Tut. His lifetime was spent restoring Kemet back to its natural balance. Kemet being one of the birthplace of philosophy, civilization, and religion. Akhenaten Sound's purpose is to express and embrace one's inner power by understanding one's self. Akhenaten means "One with Aten". Aten was another name for god that they called Ra , who we ironically call Jah today.